More than 4,000 new jobs!

According to IDC study, 4210 new jobs will be created in Poland by 2024 – thanks to the Salesforce ecosystem! The Salesforce ecosystem is all the complementary products and services. Some are essential to Salesforce existence, some are created thanks to Salesforce. For example: access to mobile Internet, telecommunications infrastructure, work of the Salesforce administrator,… Continue reading More than 4,000 new jobs!

In-App Guidance for Lightning App Builder

In 2020, Salesforce added hints to Lightning App Builder suggesting possible changes to improve our custom page view composition for records. Lightning App builder is an application that allows you to easily create custom page designs tailored to your users. In the attachment I send links for a broader familiarization with this application: Documentation, Exercises… Continue reading In-App Guidance for Lightning App Builder

List View In Salesforce

In Salesforce, we use List View to display data so that we can filter the records displayed, view them using a chart, and edit the contents of fields from the list. Below is a graphic with a description of the individual elements of the view. A List View is a way to present records for… Continue reading List View In Salesforce

Foreign characters Email Salesforce

Sometimes our clients will have a problem that when sending emails via Salesforce message instead of Polish characters contains question mark ?. This is caused by incorrect encoding the conversion of data from one form to another. The solution to this issue is very simple, just change Email Encoding to Unicode (UTF-8) in the user… Continue reading Foreign characters Email Salesforce