Send E-mail by Salesforce

In today’s tutorial episode from ME PL, we will expand on the topic of the previous  Click  article, where we talked about how to send mass mailings using Salesforce. Now we will describe the functionalities offered by the Salesforce tool for sending e-mails. With the e-mail editing window open, we will start with a description… Continue reading Send E-mail by Salesforce

Access to all information in one place

If you run your own marketing, online store from which you manually enter data into Excel, your salespeople flood you with e-mails about potential customers – imagine that you could have it in one system under one password, available both from your computer and phone from anywhere in world. All you need is internet and… Continue reading Access to all information in one place

How to send mass email by Salesforce

Often times we want to send one message to a few or a dozen people at a time.Today we will introduce you to one of the examples of how to send mass emails with Salesforce. Our job is to send an email to the owners with a message about the lack of water in several… Continue reading How to send mass email by Salesforce

Work in group out of the office

Looking at the global pandemic situation, we point out that working from home in inches doesn’t have to be less effective than what we do in the office. With the help of Salesforce and consulting specialists from ME PL, your company is able to increase efficiency and grow without obstacles.

Rebus to be Solved

Every investment is good as long as it is profitable. We at ME PL try to support our clients in such a way that each $ spent on Salesforce will be returned twice.

Full advantage of Salesforce’s capabilities

Have you ever wondered if you are taking full advantage of Salesforce? Are your employees working efficiently enough on their tasks? If you have questions about the expansion and improvement of the quality of work in your company, please contact us and our specialists will surely answer all your questions.

Groups in Salesforce Chatter

If you work in a team, you can create Chatter groups that will allow you to share information with your colleagues. Distinguish four types of groups in Salesforce Chatter public, private, unlisted i archived. Each of them is discussed below: Public- Anyone can join this group, has access to files and information posted there, and… Continue reading Groups in Salesforce Chatter

Basic functionalities in Salesforce Chatter

In the next installment of our publication on Chatter in Salesforce, we will discuss basic functionalities such as sharing posts, creating surveys or asking questions for our colleagues. To go to Chatter in the App Launcher search engine, enter Chatter and select Salesforce Chatter from the list. After going to the Chatter tab, we have… Continue reading Basic functionalities in Salesforce Chatter

How to edit profile and create new user for Salesforce Chatter

In this article, we will show you how to edit a user profile in salesforce, add information about yourself, edit profile and background photos, and how to create a user with one of the licenses presented in the previous Link.  Being logged in to our Salesforce organization, in the upper right corner, click on the… Continue reading How to edit profile and create new user for Salesforce Chatter