Create Case Manually

In Salesforce, Cases can be created manually in the system by users, just on the Case object, click the New button and fill in the required fields. Now we will discuss in more detail the standard fields to which we enter information to define a new Case. Picture Below shows the window that opens after… Continue reading Create Case Manually

Cases in Salesforce

Salesforce, as the leading CRM software in the world, offers a very well-developed system for managing customer inquiries and requests (Broadly understood Support). Below we would like to present you some basic information about the Cases in Saleaforce so that you can better understand how they work. A case is an application / information from… Continue reading Cases in Salesforce

Salesforce for Sales Representatives

Salesforce For Sales Representatives is a ready product from ME PL Solution, which includes Salesforce Essential capabilities and additional functionalities designed specifically to increase sales efficiency for people offering their products directly at the customer.  Below we present what you can get by buying Salesforce Essential with a solution from ME PL. In the Sales… Continue reading Salesforce for Sales Representatives