Salesforce for Industry

Many people, when they hear a CRM (customer relationship management) system, think that it is intended only for the marketing or sales department. However, nothing could be more wrong, it can also be applied to any department in a production company, which I will try to present in the content of this article. Each company… Continue reading Salesforce for Industry

Subscribe Report in Salesforce

Reports in Salesforce present data that often changes while working in our organization. Therefore, in order to save data from a specific day and time or for specific changes that will be registered, we can save our report in a given form. Of course, you can do it manually, but Salesforce automated this issue. For… Continue reading Subscribe Report in Salesforce

Security in Salesforce

A huge amount of data, documents, contacts and notes scrolls through every office.We know it when we look at our desk or workmate. Personally, I was fascinated by how many problems could be solved if the right people knew about the problems written on the cards scattered around the office. On the other hand, there… Continue reading Security in Salesforce

Case Auto-Response Rule in Salesforce

By filling out the form on the website to contact the company, we would like to receive confirmation that our message has been sent correctly and is in the right hands. In Salesforce, the Case Auto-Response Rule allows us to send a reply message to the person creating the Case automatically, after meeting certain conditions.… Continue reading Case Auto-Response Rule in Salesforce

Choice for companies – Salesforce

Why is Salesforce the most frequently chosen platform for managing customer relations? Below, we will present you the reasons why it is worth considering the choice of a cloud solution such as Salesforce. You save your time and employees.  By keeping information about companies and customers on one view of their screen, employees are able… Continue reading Choice for companies – Salesforce

Assigment Rule automation in Salesforce

Case Assignment Rule is the name of a solution in Salesforce that allows you to automatically assign Cases to queues or users when they are created. This process can be started when you create a Case manually, and when a Case is created automatically using Email-To-Case, Web-To-Case and Community. Only one Assignment Rule can be… Continue reading Assigment Rule automation in Salesforce

Email-To-Case in Salesforce

Email-To-Case in Salesforce is an ideal solution fSalesforce offers a very simple way to convert E-mails from clients directly to newly created cases in our system. We will present how to do this below. In the first step, in the Configuration search engine, enter email-to-case, then click Edit and select the squares next to the… Continue reading Email-To-Case in Salesforce

Web-To-Case in Salesforce

Most companies have a contact form on their website.Salesforce offers the ability to automatically create Matters in the system from the website using the Web-To-Case tool.e.  By entering ‘Web-to-Case’ in the Configuration search engine, we will open the automation settings, where by manually selecting the first box, we allow the use of creating Case via… Continue reading Web-To-Case in Salesforce