Do More with Opportunity Products

Salesforce is used to simplify and solve many issues in companies, today we would like to present you with a specific example of how to use the news introduced on the Salesforce platform.The case concerns the latest Spring’21 Release, in which we get the opportunity to create a Lookup relationship ( linking 2 objects) for… Continue reading Do More with Opportunity Products

In-App Learning

In Spring’21 Release there is a new icon in the upper right corner next to the photo with access to the user’s profile. What is behind this road leading straight to the mountain peaks? It is In-App Learning a combination of the Salesforce organization with the  Trailhead  learning platform. Trailhead – this is a set… Continue reading In-App Learning

Multicolumn in Screen Flow

Probably many people using Screen Flow, where fields to be filled in by users are displayed, would like to sort the fields in more than 2 columns, now it is possible thanks to the latest Spring’21 Release in Salesforce.  Going straight to the details, we will show you where to find and how to use… Continue reading Multicolumn in Screen Flow

Salesforce MFA

Along with the growing concern about data security in the network caused by the increasing choice of remote work by companies for their employees, Salesforce proposes a solution called MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), which will be mandatory for Salesforce users from February 1, 2022. What is MFA? The standard login is done by entering the required… Continue reading Salesforce MFA