Lead Conversion

Once we have created a new record on the Lead object and after initial discussions with a potential client, we would like to move on to the next sales process, i.e. creating records on objects: Account, Contact i Opportunity.  Conversion, as standard Salesforce automation is called, allows you to create 3 records with 2 clicks… Continue reading Lead Conversion

Lead Object

Work in Salesforce is based on 4 basic objects like: Leads – potential customers or potential interests Accounts – companies with which we already cooperate Contacts – these are employees of companies, they can often be people previously saved as Lead Opportunities – a record by which we prepare and present an offer for the… Continue reading Lead Object

Summary Salesforce Summer’21 Release.

To sum up Salesforce Summer’21 Release, the latest system update, we wrote 6 articles for you, which in our opinion are the most interesting solutions introduced this summer. As the last article in this series, we would like to present you the summary Trailhead (platform for learning Salesforce), where you will find tasks and descriptions… Continue reading Summary Salesforce Summer’21 Release.

LinkedIn with Native Sales Navigator Integration

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is available to Salesforce users who have Linkedin license – Sales Navigator Team or Enterprise. This solution allows you to view linkedin contacts directly in Salesforce. With the latest Salesforce Summer’21 Release, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is available directly in the system and there is no need to install an external application from… Continue reading LinkedIn with Native Sales Navigator Integration

Send emails through Gmail from Salesforce

With the Summer ‘21 Release Salesforce introduced new functionality that allows you to send emails through Gmail, Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange. After doing that, the email looks like it was sent directly from the user.  Earlier, sending e-mails was possible only through Salesforce. Below we can see the difference in email address that is… Continue reading Send emails through Gmail from Salesforce