A few tips for the first Salesforce Admin Exam

You can read what Salesforce is from the article on our website by clicking ​here.

The most important step that will open up employment opportunities in the Salesforce industry will be getting ​Salesforce Certified Administrator (WI20).

The exam lasts 105 minutes, during which we answer 60 questions with multiple choice. We can be examined in one of the certified representatives of Kryterion in our area, or remotely, but a number of requirements related to it must be met.

All information related to the requirements, course and costs of the exam can be found on the website ​Webassessor.

By typing in the Saleforce Admininistrator Certificate search engine you will find a lot of results that are more or less useful, but I would like to briefly introduce you which of them in my opinion are the most useful and will allow you to start learning without unnecessary chaos.

In the first link there is trailmix with all modules that we need to rework to know how the whole system works. The time suggested by Salesforce for doing this set of exercises is 56h, however, I know from my experience that it can take a little bit longer :).

https://trailhead.salesforce.com/en/users/strailhead/trailmixes/prepare-for-your-salesf orce-administrator-credential

Under the second link you can find the most important issues and questions that will appear on the exam. I have this set of questions in one document for easier browsing and learning, if anyone would be interested, you can write to me at the following e-mail address: przemyslaw.krol@meplsolution.com


There are also paid guides with examples of exams and videos of lectures. 

I personally used this solution and bought a Study Guide at ​ focusonforce.com​ , it is not a necessary tool to pass the exam, but it is very useful for training how to focus on 60 questions that await us during the 105-minute exam. 

In summary, preparing for the exam is not very difficult, but requires attention and time, which after obtaining the Certificate will definitely result in an interesting job with a good salary. If you like to sit long in front of a computer and you are looking a way to get in IT enviroment, this is  one of the fastest ways. 

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