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Most people’s idea of what an “artificial intelligence” (A. I.) looks like brings to mind the figure of Terminator, who – as we know, was not one of the most nice people we could meet.

The debate about whether artificial intelligence is possible at all is in full swing and involves many specialists and scientists from around the world.

In today’s post we will not dwell on what exactly do we mean by “artificial intelligence” and whether it is even possible. Instead, we will look at the tools known as “artificial intelligence” in Salesforce CRM.

If you know Salesforce a little bit, you might hear the name “Einstein”. We are not referring here the one of the most famous scientist in the world, known for his famous equation E = mc2.

So what is Salesforce Einstein?

This is the first example of using artificial intelligence in CRM.

Salesforce Einstein allows you to draw better conclusions from the data collected by your company and thus make better decisions.

Let us describe what Einstein can do for your company with the answers of more than 6,000 Sales Professionals from around the world in the survey conducted by Salesforce.

According to over 6,000 surveyed salespeople, Salesforce Einstein has the greatest impact on:

  • Understanding customer needs,
  • Forecasting,
  • Visibility into rep activity,
  • Competitive intelligence,
  • Lead prioritization,
  • Use of reps’ time,
  • Personalization for customers.

Base: Sales ops and sales leadership at companies using AI.Ranked by percentage who say the improvements have been “major.”

Understanding customer needs was mentioned as the most important influence that “artificial intelligence” has on sellers’ operations. No wonder, understanding customer needs builds strong relationships and that – to put it simple, allows you to sell more.

In their work – at almost every level, employees and management try to use the collected data in order to create the most accurate forecasts. Salesforce Einstein provides forecasts based on your company’s data, making it easier to make rational decisions.

Salesforce Einstein also analyzes the activity and working time of your salespeople. As a result, it provides information on whether the actions taken by your Sales Team give good results and the time of your employees is used in the most optimal way.

All information collected for your CRM system, such as information about products, competitors and any information from your business environment is analyzed. The analysis of the organization’s environment allows you to make more accurate decisions in your company. The entire environment in which you run your business is taken into account.

Salesforce Einstein also helps you to determine which of your customers should you focus the most. Make sure that the time and money invested in building your relationship pays off.

Personalization of the offer and customer approach is also very important. Each client is unique and requires a different approach. The needs of your clients may differ significantly from each other, hence, knowing what your client can expect at the moment is crucial and determines your success.

The Salesforce report that we refer to throughout the “sales in the times of pandemic” series also tells us that the use of “artificial intelligence” in companies is growing. According to data from the report, the increase in the use of “artificial intelligence” rose 76% compared to 2018. It’s a lot. This shows the current trend in which companies want to make better decisions using “artificial intelligence”.

Interestingly, high performers are X 2.8 more likely to use “artificial intelligence” in their business than those reported as “underperformers”.

In order to keep up with the rapidly changing market, it is necessary to implement new technologies. What seems new today will be the standard tomorrow. Success in today’s market is not so much about adapting to rapidly occurring changes, but also implementing modern technologies that facilitate everyday tasks and making decisions based on data.

Use the power of Salesforce in your company – we will be happy to show you how to do it.

Grow with Salesforce!

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