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In this short post, we will describe the success story of one of Salesforce’s customers.

The British company Domino Printing Sciences operates in the industrial and commercial printing industry. The company employs over 2,800 people in over 120 countries.

In order to streamline the sales process, Domino Printing Sciences implemented the CPQ extension from Salesforce. According to the information on the Salesforce website, the company reports 80% faster quote delivery. Considering the ease of implementing the Salesforce CPQ extension to the CRM system, this is very good news for everyone involved in the sale of complex products or services.

If you haven’t come across the term CPQ, we’ve already described it on our blog. In short: if you sell products or services that consist of many components and can be the subject of various discounts, CPQ from Salefsorce is for you.

Contact us today and check what and how much you will gain by implementing CPQ from Salesforce in your company. Lucky for you there is an certified CPQ expert in our ranks! We are ready for new challenges! We are waiting for you!

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