Account Teams – Share your rekords with teammates

Salesforce is a very secure work environment where everyone only has access to their own data. However, sometimes there is a need to cooperate with teammates, and in this case, the ability to use the Account Team is useful. 

Account Teams is nothing more than the ability to manage access to Account type records and related objects (Contact, Case, Opportunity).

Where to find and how to use Account Teams?
When opening information about the company that we want to share with individual users in Salesforce, we go to the Related tab, usually at the bottom of the list of related objects, we will be interested in the Account Team functionality.

On the right side we have two buttons with which we can add new users to our team:

Add Default Team- We can add a list of users assigned to our account (We will present this option at the end)

Add Team Member – clicking on this button will open a new window …

In which, starting from the left side, we add:

User – The user we want to give access to

Team Role- Information about what a given person does

Account Access- From the drop-down list we can choose:

Read / Write – Editable

Read Only – Read only access

Contact, Case, Opportunity – we can define access to specific related objects.

Private –  Private – Means that records from this object are not visible     to the user to whom we give access.

In the lower left corner, use the Add Row button to add another line.

At the very end, we click Save.

In the picture below, we can see that the new user with access to our record is on the list.

By clicking on the arrow next to the username, you can delete or edit access.

On the right side, next to the Add Team Member button, a drop-down list icon has appeared, by clicking on it, we can display the list view of all users in our team with access (Team Members Access) and delete all users at once (Delete All Members)

Now let’s move on to creating a default team for our account in Salesforce (Add Default Team). We can use this functionality, if we want to grant a specific group of users access to more than one record on the Account object.

In the upper right corner, click on our profile icon and click Settings.

On the left side in the search engine (Quick Find), enter Advanced User Details, then go to this tab and scroll down to look for the Default Account Team option. Click Add.

A window will open with the option to add users to our default team. We also have the option of selecting the squares that:

First from the top – Automatically adds users from the Default Account Team to the Accounts created by us and assigned Accounts.

Second checkbox – Updates all Account Teams created by us with users from the Default Account Team.

Click Save.

And now we can use the Default Account Team button in order to add a specific group of users faster.

If you don’t see some of the items shown in the pictures, ask your administrator to increase your permissions to use Account Teams.


-Account Teams

-Default Account Teams

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