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In today’s post, we will refer to a study conducted by Salesforce in which companies from around the World were asked about the 5 most important skills during the pandemic.

Adaptability was indicated as the most important skills for the next 6 months. Most people certainly realize that to getting back to normal will take time. There is no need to cry and wring your hands! It’s hard for everyone. We can, however, roll up our sleeves and get to work! Change is never easy and we know it. What are the other options? Only to adopt. You have to adapt, and that is the same thing as change.

Another on the list in terms of importance is the ability to cooperate. Without cooperation, no organization can succeed. Complex tasks require cooperation – often specialists from various fields have to cooperate to reach some goals. This is well illustrated by the soccer team. Even the biggest star cannot win a match alone – cooperation is essential in the team.

Next on the list is resilience. It has a lot to do with the first position on the list, the ability to adapt. Why stick to the wrong assumptions, knowing they are wrong? Instead of being wrong, you have to change something, adapt, be flexible. If the chosen course of action does not work, it needs to be adjusted, and maybe even completely changed. Flexibility is about adopting an attitude that fosters change. From this point of view, a flexible attitude leads to change.

Trade skills came 4th on the list. Good Salespeople are always worth their weight in gold. Especially now, at this time, a good Salesperson often determines the success of the entire enterprise. Regardless of what awaits us in the near future, a good Seller will always be an important link between the company and the customer.

Last but certainly not least is creativity. We believe adaptability, resilience and creativity are related skills. While resilience is an attitude that allows the possibility and willingness to change, adaptability is an activity aimed at implementing these changes, creativity is an idea for this change. Creativity provides ideas for solving problems.

That’s it. In fact, three of those mentioned by entrepreneurs could be put in a drawer with the word “Change”. One might be tempted to say that cooperation is also an element of change – especially in companies where it is necessary for proper functioning. Trading skills is a completely different category that is extremely important even in “good times”.

We have described the most important skills identified by companies from around the World during the pandemic. It is interesting that despite knowing what to do, many companies resist change, thus contradicting their own believes.

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