AI for Customer Service

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Customer Service Departments are ready for the AI (Artificial Intelligence) revolution!

According to the latest Salesforce report:

Use of AI by customer service teams is projected to increase by 143% over the next 18 months

Source: State of Service, 3rd, Salesforce

Companies are aware of the benefits of using “artificial intelligence”. Decision makers in companies or Customer Service Departments say they are actively looking for ways to use AI (56%). What’s interesting, 39% of them say that they already have a strategy that includes the use of AI in their companies/departments!

Among companies providing broadly understood services, 24% already use AI. Another 34% of companies intend to incorporate AI into their company’s work within 18 months.

There is also an interesting discrepancy between high and underperformers. The probability of having a fully defined AI implementation strategy is 3.2 times higher for high performers, compared to underperformers.

Let us recall that the study covered over 3,500 specialists in the service industry from various parts of the world. The numbers don’t lie. We are dealing with a real revolution in the service industry around the World!

The future of your company depends on your decision. Take the first step and write to us – as an official Salesforce partner, we will be happy to advise you on how to use the power of the largest CRM provider in the world.

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