Anticipated IT challenges

ME PL Solution Anticipated IT challenges

Recently, in new posts on our blog, we refer to a report provided by Spiceworks Ziff Davis. We will do the same today. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at the data describing Anticipated IT challenges. Read on.

Anticipated IT challenges

Despite the growing IT budget, companies fear that in the future they may experience various problems with the further development of their IT departments. The problems mainly relate to concerns about a new wave of the pandemic, hardware shortages or insufficient microprocessors available on the market. We will now review the most frequently mentioned challenges faced by companies from Europe and the United States.

  1. Limited product availability (46%),
  2. Shipping delays or logistics disruptions (46%),
  3. Supply chains disruptions / issues (43%),
  4. Increase in prosody costs (43%),
  5. Chip shortages (41%),
  6. Provisioning hardware to remote employees at their homes (22%),
  7. Tracking inventory and licenses for remote employees (19%).

Depending on the type of business, companies gave different answers. Manufacturing companies, for example, are concerned about processor shortages. Every day we receive information about hardware deficiencies. You have to wait for some of the devices. When a company is forced to wait, it cannot produce during that time. This makes hardware deficiencies a concern. Larger companies are considering ways to monitor the health of the hardware and software licenses that are provisioned to remote workers. The problem does not exist when we are talking about small companies. It’s easy to imagine the flow of information when everyone in the office knows each other. It is also easy to determine what is happening at a given moment. The problem arises when there are dozens or hundreds of employees.

Challenges by Industry – examples

Let us quote just two numbers from the report which will give a good picture of the current situation.

56% of manufacturing businesses expect to encounter chip shortages

Source: State of IT, Spiceworks Ziff Davis

59%of educational institutions anticipate limited tech product availability

Source: State of IT, Spiceworks Ziff Davis

As we can see, not only manufacturing companies have concerns. The example of educational establishments widens the picture by giving a better insight into the present situation. The fear of a new wave of the pandemic puts even educational institutions on the alert. Lack of equipment may prevent some children and adolescents from being educated. The data shows the scale of the problems that concerns very different industries.

In today’s world, where most interactions take place online, the lack of appropriate equipment makes it impossible to function in society.


Despite the growing IT budget that was supposed to ensure companies can keep pace with the rapidly changing market, new problems have emerged. From the rain to the gutter – as they say. Perhaps it is so. It does not change the fact that increasing investments in modern technologies is a good phenomenon. The fear of not keeping up with the market has turned into a fear of shortage of warehouses in hardware companies. However, it can be assumed that soon companies producing microprocessors will invent newer production technologies to meet the market demand. This is in the interest of everyone – both buyers and sellers

In addition, every threat brings opportunities. Perhaps – thanks to them them, new technologies will emerge, or new producers will fin new ways to meet the growing demand on the market. We don’t have a crystal ball, but one thing is for sure – Nature abhors a vacuum. Empty, neglected or undeveloped spaces will be filled by companies that will know what to do.

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