Assigment Rule automation in Salesforce

Case Assignment Rule is the name of a solution in Salesforce that allows you to automatically assign Cases to queues or users when they are created.

This process can be started when you create a Case manually, and when a Case is created automatically using Email-To-Case, Web-To-Case and Community.

Only one Assignment Rule can be active for the entire organization, but each of them has many Rule Entries that define where, how and to whom we can assign a Case.

Now let’s move on to creating a sample Case Assignment Rule.

In the configuration search engine (Setup), enter Assignment, clicking will open a list of Ruli that have already been created. Click on New.

We enter a name that will allow us to define what our Assignment contains.

Click Active i Save. 

After saving, the start page will open and we select our newly created Assignment by clicking on its name to add Rule Entries.

In the Rule Entries tab, click New.

In step one, we determine the order in which Rule Entries should start.

In step 2, we define the conditions for which the Case Assignment Rule is to work. We can set criteria for fields or write a formula.

In the photo below, the Case: Origin field is selected and if the value in this field is equal to Email, our Case will be assigned to respectively (Step 3):

A queue named Test along with the message specified with the Email Template.

We can also assign the Case to a specific User and in Step 4

Additionally, it is possible to assign a Case to a Team, i.e. a group of users (Case-Teams).

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