Auto Layout in Flow

In the next of our posts regarding the winter update of the Salesforce system, we will deal with a test version of the automatic placement of elements in flow.

The first thing that catches our eye when we create a new Flow after the latest update will be the question of choosing what form of view we want to use.

This is what Flow looks like without auto-layout enabled.

We can also switch from the standard view to the test version of the new look.

Automatically arranged elements in the flow are legible and allow you to get used to it in a moment for easy, intuitive and understandable navigation through the created automation.

Double-clicking on the icon of an element, eg Loop, opens the editing window with new options. From this level, we can delete an element or copy and paste it to any place.

By clicking on the Plus icon on the line connecting individual actions, we can add another element that is possible to stand up in a given place.

Another interesting feature is the possibility to select several elements at once and copy them (marked with an arrow) to any place in the Flow.

We hope that this post has brought you a little closer to the changes that have taken place in Salesforce and we wish you the best of using the new opportunities.

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