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According to most business leaders, data entry is a key activity for a company to be successful in the market. Data entry is also an extremely tedious and time-consuming. Can this process be improved? Let’s see.

Once again, we will refer to data from the latest Salesforce report, State of Sales. We encourage you to read the report yourself, which provides a lot of useful information on the trends and challenges faced by Sales Pros today. The report is cyclical and provides reliable information every year.

The most obvious task to automate is always going to be data entry. We hate to have sales reps spending time entering either meaningless data or data that could be pulled automatically from elsewhere.

Source: Valerie Papa, a Manager on the Revenue Operations Team at Andela

Certainly, the above quote will not surprise anyone. According to the report, sellers waste as much as 2/3 of their valuable time on data entry activities. If we assume that the Seller works 8 hours a day, he must spend almost 5.5 hours a day on entering data! Taking the above assumptions into account, 40 hours a week is more than 26 hours a week and over 105 a month!

At the time when the seller is forced to enter data, he cannot focus on his key activity – sales.

If we assume that we are dealing with a real professional who has good results at work, one can only imagine how much better the results of his work would be if he could devote almost all his time to sales.

However, we need data, and it is difficult to blame anyone for having to enter it in one way or another. Most of the business leaders surveyed believe that data entry is crucial for business. Tasks such as, for example, logging phone calls or contact in some other form, is a task that only 57% of respondents perform, despite the fact that their supervisors consider these activities essential.

How to relieve sellers from having to enter data manually? The question can be answered with one word: automation!

It’s interesting that:

On the average, as many as 65% of High Performers automate the most frequently repeated tasks, and only (on the average) 36% of Under Performers.

Source: Salesforce, State of Sales (4th Edition)

The above data say a lot. One may wonder if the best automate because they are the best, or are they the best because they automate the most?

We leave the answer to this question for our readers. However, it can be assumed that more time for the key tasks of sellers – sales, will give for better results.

The CRM platform from Salesforce has enormous possibilities when it comes to automating tedious, repetitive tasks. Thanks to this, sellers can focus on key activity – sales. By saving time for data entry, they can focus on building good relations with their customers, ultimately increasing sales and improving the overall health of the company.

CRM systems were created for that very purpose. They are to support the daily work of sellers. Even assuming that the automation of repetitive processes would save half the time needed to enter customer data, the salesperson would gain more than 50 hours per month that could be spent on sales. It’s a lot.

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