Basic functionalities in Salesforce Chatter

In the next installment of our publication on Chatter in Salesforce, we will discuss basic functionalities such as sharing posts, creating surveys or asking questions for our colleagues.

To go to Chatter in the App Launcher search engine, enter Chatter and select Salesforce Chatter from the list.

After going to the Chatter tab, we have a choice of 3 types of Post, Poll and Question publications. By clicking on a Post ( 1 ) publication, you can enter any content and edit the text using the toolbar below. The arrow ( 2 ) marks the possibility of annotating people so that our message pops up as a notification. The safety pin ( 3 ) is responsible for attaching files in our message. If we are ready to publish our post, click the Share button ( 4 ).

Chatter also offers creating polls ( Poll ) for our followers or for the entire group to which we belong. In the Question ( 1 ) field, enter the question, Choice 1 ( 2 ), enter the possible variants of the answer, to add additional selection fields, click Add new choice ( 3 ), if the survey is ready, click the Ask ( 4 ) button to make it available. 

The last type of publication we will discuss is asking a question. In the Question ( 1 ) field, we asked a question that must be limited to 255 characters, but if we want to add annotations to our question, we can do it in Details ( 2 ). It is possible to add an attachment to our question ( 3 ). With the button Ask ( 4 ) we provide the question.

We add attachments by clicking on the safety pin icon ( 1 ), and the file selection window will open, we have a choice of files available in our organization or we can add them directly from the computer by clicking Upload files. We can add up to 10 files attached to one Chatter post. If we checked the boxes next to the selected files, we can add them to the post by clicking Add ( 2 ). 

That’s all in this article, the last entry about Salesforce Chatter will discuss the issues related to creating groups and their types. We will learn how to share our posts with selected people and groups.

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