Basic Salesforce functionalities

We already know what Salesforce is. We also understand what CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is. It is right time to tell you a few thing about basic functionalities of this powerful tool you might use rightaway!

In this short post, we list some of the very basic functionalities to which you will get access right after you set up your account.

  • Web access to your important data from any PC in the world with Internet connection,
  • No software = no update, installation or fix on your computer, freedom!
  • Chatter under each record which allow communication related to specific data,
  • Quip as board of cooperation connected with SF system,
  • File storage as good way of sharing data and cooperating on them,
  • Complex security system which allow to safely place data in system with full control over who see what,
  • Mobile app included with no additional cost,
  • Full customization which allow to further adjust organization,
  • Basic marketing functionality like grouping clients in campaigns and sending mass personalize emails,
  • Build in a way that one shouldn’t be independent from support (it is easy to start using, only hard to master),
  • Chatter for external users which allow for creation of special chat groups for clients for specific events to further communicate with them after the event,
  • Full history of actions kept under related data. So check of history of contact with client is easy and intuitive,
  • Ability to build automation with point and click tools that can be learned for basic requests relatively easy,
  • Out of the box set up allowing to start working almost instantly after activation of system,
  • Huge community of partners and consultants who can serve as service providers (big community means there is not need to work with team one didn’t like).

As you can see, there is a lot of useful tools to use with only the very basic functionalities. Imagine the vast filed of possibilities that are open for those who are willing to take the first step into this magical realm!

Salesforce gives you the ability to better understand your customers, connect with them on a variety of levels and help you to grow your customer base. What more do you want?

At ME PL Solution we understand that the idea of implementing CRM at your company might be intimidating at first. It doesn’t have to be like this as long as you have the right partner who has your back. We are here for you. Ready to help. Just let us know.

Grow with Salesforce!

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