Before-Save Updates in Flows

Next step in our journey of exploring new release in 2020 is to experience a special improvement in Flow functionality – to be more precise – before-save flows. 

Until now, the operation of automation flow in Salesforce was carried out in such a way that Flow was triggered by Process Builder, when data was created, updated or edited. Each of the data was saved on the main server of Salesforce. It extended the time of the Flow action, because every save and update of the data took time and  CPU was extra charged on the server side.

Now, after the release, creation or update of the data Flow is done without saving it on the system main server. Flow runs before-save /update, which mean “before information is sent to the server”. That improvement allows avoiding that extra save procedure which means: skipping another round of assignment rules, auto-response rules, workflow rules, and other customizations that take time to execute.

To activate before saving the update, you need the View All Data permission. The Flow Builder toolbox only contains elements such as Assignment, Decision, Get Records and Loop, You don’t even have to create any variables or add an Update Records element to your flow

In conclusion, the new solution for process automation is convenient, not only for faster system operation, but also it saves time for end user.


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