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  • How to enable and use Lightning Email Template Builder

    Email Template Builder has changed the face of creating Email Templates and mass mailing in general with Salesforce. The new Template Builder allows you to create more tailored messages to the needs of an ever-changing market. 

    By itself, Email Template Builder is very easy to use and intuitive.  Therefore, in this post, we will mainly focus on the description of the launch process of this tool. 

    First, we need to create the permission and assign it to the user. Access drag-and-drop content builder, allows user be able to use Email Template Builder.

    Then we make sure that the Folders and Enhanced Sharing function is enabled in our organization. To do this, in the configuration search engine, enter and click Lightning Email Templates and switch the slider to on.

    We create a new template by completing the data and save it.

    In the edition of our Template, a new Edit in Builder button has appeared, which we click and we are transferred to the Email Template Builder.

    The photo below shows an example of an email edited with Builder.

    We have the ability to add buttons, photos, insert HTML source and move each element.


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