• Create Macros in Salesforce

    We presented how to configure Macros in Salesforce settings in the previous post. Now we are creating Macros for records on the Lead object.

    To make the work of sellers easier, we will make Macros to create a new Task with one click and log information about contact with a potential customer.

    In the application to which we added the Macros button, click the button at the bottom of the page and select Create Macro.

    In the editor’s page, enter the name of the Macro and at the bottom of the list we can choose to which object it will be assigned, by default it is set to the object on which we are located. Save.

    *When choosing a different object, remember to set Feed Tracking and Page Layout!

    On the newly created Macros record, click Edit Instructions.

    We are now in the Macros editor.

    (We can only add an action on those elements that are marked with a dashed line)

    -Click Add Instruction.

    -We choose New Task (A new element will appear in the side panel)

    -Click on the fields that we want to complete when creating the task.

     * Remember to add the Save button!

    Otherwise, the Task will not be saved when creating the Macro and will have to be done manually!

    -Fill selected fields with values that we want to get after creating a Task.

    Click again on Add Instruction and go to the next photo …

    … Let us add information about contact with a Potential Client in the same way.

    Let us also define the condition for which the Macro creation action is to be performed. Click Add Logic and set the tasks to be done only for Leads with the Working-Contacted status.

    In the last step, we save the changes (3).

    Now let’s open the Lead for which we will apply Macros.

    We follow the steps as shown in the figure below.

    Clicking Edit or View Details will open a new page with the option to edit Macros.

    This is how the Macros work process looks like, at the end we check if all elements have been created and click Done.

    As you can see in the Activity tab, new records have appeared.

    Macros make the work of salespeople easier by reducing the number of clicks and thus the time of customer service. It is worth considering introducing this solution to your organization in order to increase operational efficiency.


    The ME PL team

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