Case Auto-Response Rule in Salesforce

By filling out the form on the website to contact the company, we would like to receive confirmation that our message has been sent correctly and is in the right hands.

In Salesforce, the Case Auto-Response Rule allows us to send a reply message to the person creating the Case automatically, after meeting certain conditions.

Now we will set up an example auto reply.

In Quick find box (Setup) enter Case Auto, select it from the list and then click New in the opened window.

We enter the name of the automation, activate and save.

After saving, we will be taken to the start page, then click on the name of the newly created element.

Go to the start page, then click on the name of the newly created element.

In the Rule Entries section, click New.

In the first step, we determine in which order the Rule Entry should be called by the system.

Then we set the conditions for which the return message is to be sent.For more complicated configurations it is possible to construct a formula. 

In the case below, an automatic reply will be created if the Case Origin field is ‘Email’ when creating a Case.

Now in step 3 we will look at the shape of the reply message.

In the Name field, enter the subject of our return e-mail.

Then we provide a Salesforce verified Email address that will be presented as the sender’s address.

Reply-To Address – the e-mail address to which replies will be sent when our client replies to the automatic reply.

In step 4, we choose the email template that will create an automatic message.

5 section, after selecting Send response to all recipients, an automatic message will also be sent to people in CC and BCC.

The last 6th part of creating Auto-Response Rules allows you to include a survey.

After checking the entered data, we save it.

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