Case Merge

Poland is in a temperate climate, not moderately sunny, it is particularly visible in spring, where the weather changes 180 degrees during the day.  Therefore, it is a good time to deal with something equally variable, but a more normative phenomenon, which are news from the world of Salesforca (I skip the fact that it is quarantine by the coronavirus and you have to sit at home and watch the internet all over). 

The Case object in Salesforce is mainly used to communicate with the customer when he has a question, problem or we want to reach selected people with some information. 

With a large accumulation of cases, duplicates of the case may appear, which does not make Support’s work easier. Due to queries from users, the Salesforca team decided to add the Merge option, i.e. combining several Cases and getting rid of the clutter with data. I will now try to show you how to enable and use this option. 

To activate the Merge Case, enter the Setup, then enter Case Merge, select Case Merge and we have options to choose from, we can keep connected Cases, which will be displayed in related lists, or remove duplicates after joining them.  We also choose the status after this operation, the default is closed, but you can add your own. By selecting the option to remove duplicate Cases, they are available in the recycle-bin for 15 days.

Select 2 or 3 Casey (minimum 2 maximum 3), click on the Merge button.

A window will appear with a choice which of the selected Cases should be saved as the main one, we can select fields with values that will be displayed later. By default, fields with other data are displayed to us, however, we can use the Show All Fields option then all fields will appear to us.

Information about connected Cases is displayed in Activities, also on the Related List in the Case Comment tab.

To sum up, the Merge Case option has been improved with the option of joining Case without necessity to give the user permission to delete records, because the option to keep linked Cases with changed status has been added, which can then be removed. You can combine a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 Issues.

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