Case’s Team in Salesforce CRM

In Salesforce, people responsible for responding to customer requests can be combined into teams using the Case Teams tool.

Case Teams allow you to easily add new users to the Case that can help us solve it. We can also assign entire teams of specialists to a selected Case and notify all members automatically about a new task.

Below we show you how to create a new team and assign new users to a Case.

We will start by clicking on Setup, then enter Case Teams in the Quick Find Box and select Case Team Roles from the list. In order to form a Case Team, each team member must have a role in the team.

Click on the New button to create a new role.

Starting from the top, enter the name of the role.

Case Access – Each of the new roles is characterized by the fact that we can define what matters it can access and the possibility to edit them or not.

After creating the role, we move on to creating a new Team. For this purpose, enter Case Teams in the configuration search engine and select Predefined Case Teams. 

Click on New.

Now we enter the name of our team and in the Team Members section we add individual users, assigning them the appropriate roles created earlier.

How to add a Case Team to a Case?

Going to the Case object, select the record we are interested in and go to the Related tab. The list of related records should include the Case Teams tab, if it is not visible, add it to the layout on the Case object. 

We have the option of adding a single user (Add Member) and the entire team (Add Team).

By clicking Add Team, a new window will open, where we choose our team from the list and save it. This way we added all users from the Case team.

By adding a specific user to a Case, we can define his role.

Teams created and used in this way facilitate the resolution of new customer requests.

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