Cases in Salesforce

Salesforce, as the leading CRM software in the world, offers a very well-developed system for managing customer inquiries and requests (Broadly understood Support). Below we would like to present you some basic information about the Cases in Saleaforce so that you can better understand how they work.

A case is an application / information from our clients that contains all the most important messages that are needed to solve the problem that the client asked us.

The entire process of considering the Cases takes place via the Service Console, thanks to which we can easily and functionally search for the information we need. Alternatively, when necessary, we can present our problem to our teammates in order to jointly try to solve the Case.

How can we create our Cases?

  1. Manually in the Salesforce organization by entering details.
  1. Automatically by::
  • Email
  • Web Page
  • Chat 
  • Telephone
  • Text message
  1. Using the Case Assigment Rules function, we are able to automatically assign new Cases to Queues or Users.

What are the additional benefits of using Cases:

  • Complaints processes
  • Milestones
  • Comment management
  • Create ready-made answers
  • Record of Application Information
  • Collaborate with the team on tickets
  • Sending Email directly from Salesforce
  • Functional service console

The topic of Cases in Salesforce is very extensive, so in this article we focused on the general presentation of this issue and in future publications we will describe in more detail, in our opinion, the most interesting functionalities related to Cases in Salesforce.

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