Multicolumn in Screen Flow

Probably many people using Screen Flow, where fields to be filled in by users are displayed, would like to sort the fields in more than 2 columns, now it is possible thanks to the latest Spring’21 Release in Salesforce.  Going straight to the details, we will show you where to find and how to use… Continue reading Multicolumn in Screen Flow

Case’s Team in Salesforce CRM

In Salesforce, people responsible for responding to customer requests can be combined into teams using the Case Teams tool. Case Teams allow you to easily add new users to the Case that can help us solve it. We can also assign entire teams of specialists to a selected Case and notify all members automatically about… Continue reading Case’s Team in Salesforce CRM

Paperwork in Salesforce with Quip

Quip is a collaboration tool with built-in office suite functionality, including word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software. As a standalone product, it enables teams to collaborate around a rich set of documents. Quip for Salesforce is embedding that kind of functionality at the platform level. You can use Quip in Salesforce for: Account Plans Rich… Continue reading Paperwork in Salesforce with Quip

Dynamic Forms

Today we present the new features added to the Lightning App Builder. For custom objects, the ability to edit the displayed fields from the Edit Page level has been added, we are able to determine where in the page view we want to display the fields selected by us or not. What we used to… Continue reading Dynamic Forms

What is Salesforce Chatter?

Chatter is a tool designed to communicate inside the Salesforce platform in real time. It allows users to work in a group, talk to each other and share information. We can use this application both through a browser and by phone with the Salesforce application installed and access to the Internet. Using Chatter, we can… Continue reading What is Salesforce Chatter?

Prepare your data for migration Salesforce

In this short tutorial, we will use a spreadsheet offered by Google to prepare the data. The data should be arranged in columns, and each of the columns should be named as the field in which we want to throw our records, as shown in the example below. Then it saves the file in CSV… Continue reading Prepare your data for migration Salesforce

Case Merge

Poland is in a temperate climate, not moderately sunny, it is particularly visible in spring, where the weather changes 180 degrees during the day.  Therefore, it is a good time to deal with something equally variable, but a more normative phenomenon, which are news from the world of Salesforca (I skip the fact that it… Continue reading Case Merge