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New post in the “sales in the times of pandemic” series!

Do you have problems communicating with your clients? Searching for a phone number, e-mail address or the address can often take longer than we would want to. This exposes us to a waste of time that could be spent on something more productive – such as preparing for a phone call.

In today’s world, which is mainly based on communication, it is crucial to have the right tools to facilitate this communication. Considering the fact that the cost of keeping the current client is 6-7 times lower than acquiring a new one, it is obvious that taking care of those we already have prevents us from huge losses. It allows us to save time and money – and even twice, because money once spent is irretrievably lost when we lose our current customer.

A good CRM system allows us to make calls, send messages and e-mails without having to switch between the windows!

Save yourself time and frustration by using the latest technologies!

We will be happy to advise you on how to do it! Contact us today and save yourself time, money and nerves.

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