Console in Service Cloud

We wrote on our blog about Service Cloud, its possibilities and what it can be used for. Now we will present you what the console looks like with a description of the basic functionalities.

In the Service Cloud console, we can distinguish 8 elements that are visible immediately after logging in as a proposed solution for service technicians.

For a better visualization of the individual parts of the default view, we have marked them with numbers in order to clearly visualize the details.

  1. From the console, we have access to various objects, just click on the drop-down list and select the object we are interested in and the shortened version of the object list view will be opened on the left side of the view.
  2. The record page is the main space in which we will work, it contains all the necessary data about the client and the history of the work performed.
  3. Record details, by going to this tab, we can see all the detailed information about the supported client.
  4. Feed tab, here we have access to all possible operations to help the client and a record of all activities so far.
  5. Salesforce Lightning Knowledge is a tool that tells the support employee what answer to give, or what additional information you need to get from the customer in order to efficiently resolve the request.
  6. Brief information about the contact or company to which the Case is assigned is displayed here, this is to avoid the error of me or a teammate communicating with each other talking about different people for a given case.
  7. With this button, we can hide our shortened list of views and have more space for other view elements.
  8. The toolbar facilitates quick access to various functionalities, save notes, use the phone call function, use Macros to add automated activities or use the chat attached to our website.

Service Cloud offers many ready-made solutions to work with broadly understood product support. It is also available for use in the Salesforce mobile application, which allows you to work at any time of the day from anywhere in the world with Internet access.

Most of the functions on one screen increases the efficiency and control over the work, minimizing errors and shortening the time of response and resolution of Cases.

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