Converting Process Builder Processes to Flow

ME PL Solution Salesforce CRM Converting Process Builder Processes to Flow

Converting processes from Process Builder to Flow can be confusing. As is well known, Process Builder is retiring. It will be completely replaced by Flow. Convert Process Builder Processes to Flow.

Converting Process Builder Processes to Flow

We have already written about the fact that Process Builder goes into a state of rest on our blog here. Salesforce had warned about the changes earlier. As we follow the news from the Salesforce world on a regular basis, we decided to check what are the alternatives to good old Process Builder.

Flow to replace Process Builder

Flow will completely replace Process Builder. The largest CRM Provider in the world provides a tool for this – we checked it, it works. At least on simple processes. In the case of more complex processes, you may find that an intervention is necessary.

Manual process conversion

Although more laborious, produces the better results. Manual process conversion ensures that processes are working the same way as they did before. Manual conversion also allows you to add Flow functions that were not available in Process Builder.

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