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Collecting hundreds of bits of data about your customers doesn’t mean you know them well. The way you process the collected data gives it meaning and determines the success of your company.

84 %of service professionals say a unified view of customer information is key to providing great customer experiences

Source: State of Service, 3rd edition, Salesforce

Does each department in your company have its own data that only people from this department have access to? Unfortunately, very often the answer to this question is “yes“. Data collected by various departments in your company create a picture of your customers, providing information that – when properly used, can determine the success of your company.

It is good if the collected data is the same for all departments. Suppose the marketing department and the sales department have different data on the same customer. Suppose your sales team data is more specific and up-to-date. It can be assumed that if the marketing department had access to this data, it could create a more personalized offer that would have a better impact on customer behavior. Of course it works both ways.

Having certain standards for stored data as well as access settings for individual departments are crucial in creating a consistent image of your customers.

It’s easy with CRM from Salesforce! The idea behind Saleforce is to help organize the data collected by the company so that it provides useful information about your customers, which will improve the processes in your company. As we said at the beginning – having data is only one side of the equation. Understanding the information they carry is what makes the data meaningful.

As an official Salesforce partner, we will be happy to advise you on how to use CRM from Salesforce in your company! Do not hesitate and contact us today!

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