Create Case Manually

In Salesforce, Cases can be created manually in the system by users, just on the Case object, click the New button and fill in the required fields.

Now we will discuss in more detail the standard fields to which we enter information to define a new Case.

Picture Below shows the window that opens after pressing the NEW button and we will start the description from the Case Information section:

Case Owner- this is the person dealing with the Case and the owner of the record

Case Number – It is unique for a given Case

Contact Name-Person reporting the problem

Account Name- The company to which the Case relates

Case Currency- The currency in which we will settle accounts with the client

The next section is Additional Information:

Status – defines at what stage a given Case is

Case Origin- tells about of the Case where came from

Priority – the importance of the Case

Type – here we choose what type it is a Case

Case Reason- The reason for the report

Going to the next photo and the Description Information section, we can include the following information:

Subject – the short description of the Case

Description- All our activities, ideas, suggestions, solutions

Internal Comment- If we work in a team, our colleagues can add their comments to a given Case.

The Web Information section contains information related to the website.

After creating the Case, we will have different views at our disposal, detailed information is shown on the right.

In the Feed tab, we have access to the Chat by means of which we can communicate with people who have access to the Case.

The Related List includes Open Activities that keep track of the created Activities and Meetings.

Activity History shows what events or tasks were assigned to the Case.

Case Comments allows you to add an individual comment.

Attachments allows you to add files, photos.

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