Create Custom Object in Salesforce

This article is about creating custom objects in Salesforce. The objects in Salesforce are some kind of containers in which we store our data. There are two types of objects, Standard and Custom. Standard ones are, for example, Account, Contact, Opportunity etc. and custom ones are created to store specific data for companies. 

To create a Custom Object enter Setup (Step 1) then go to the Object Manager tab (Step 2) in the upper right corner (Step 3) click Create and then select Custom Object from the list.

We fill in the fields as in the photo below. It is worth adding a description of the Object about its purpose and function.

We can also select additional options that will allow us, for example, to create Reports from the site. Save (Step 4).

Creating objects is a useful skill that allows us to store data outside of Standard Objects and allows us to link Salesforce with almost all areas of our business. In order to increase the possibilities of Salesforce in your organization, we invite you to cooperate with our company ME PL.

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