Create New Fields in Salesforce

When using Salesforce, standard fields may not match all of the data your company uses. For this purpose the function of creating custom fields is available. In this article, I will show you how to create a text field on the Account object.

Go to the Object Manager tabs (2) by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner (1). We choose from among the available Account (3) object.

In the Account object setup on the left, select Field & Relationship (5), then click New (6).

In the first step, we choose the field type, we are interested in the text type field, select it by clicking the center of the circle. Next to each name on the right there are descriptions for field types, where information is provided for what they are used for and how they work. A more extensive description is available at this link

We go to the next window by clicking Next (7)

Enter the name of the field (Field Label), Length specifies the maximum number of characters that we can enter, it is worth adding a (Description) to which the field is used to facilitate the work of administrators or developers. When Required is selected, this field must always be filled in when creating a new Account. Unique specifies the possibility of duplicating values in the field. Default Value uses a formula to specify a value that populates this field automatically. Click Next (8).

When creating a custom field, we can specify access for profiles that can see or edit our field (9), or select the Read-Only option (10), where the user with a given profile can see the content of the field, but cannot edit it. Click Next (11).

The last window requires checking which of the layouts will have access to the field. Layout is a page in Salesforce which a given user profile assigned to it can see. Click save (12). 

The image below shows what we have done in this guide.

Learning about Salesforce and maximum use of its functionality is quite demanding and devoting a large amount of time, so it is worth leaving your organization to the system to specialists like us in ME PL.

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