Create New Tab and add it to your Salesforce App

We’ve created a Custom Object in Salesforce and what next? How to make it appear in our application? I invite you for a brief instruction.

Going to Setup (Step 1), in the search engine enter Tabs (Step 2), after opening a new window click New (Step 3).

In point 1 we choose our object, then we choose the Style (2) by which our object will be represented, then we go further (3).

In the second step, we choose through which profiles our Tab can be visible Step 4 (the option Apply one tab visibility to all profiles makes our tab available to all profiles), Step 5 presents the option of seeing or not and hiding the label (Tab). Scrolling down and click Next

The next window presents the possibility to choose applications in which our new tab will be available. Go to the bottom of the page and click Save.

Now we will add our Tab to the application. To do this click the application switching icon (Step 7) select Sales from the list.

In the upper right corner click the pencil icon (Step 8) after opening the window click Add More Items (Step 9).

Click All (Step 10), search for our Tab (Step 11), select the plus (Step 12) at the bottom, click Add 1 Nav Item (Step 13) and Save.

After refreshing, access to the Custom Object is possible for the Sales application.

The ME PL team offers support in tailoring Salesforce to your needs.

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