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Today’s post will be a continuation of the “CRM for the Real Estate market” series. In today’s post, we will focus on the benefits of using CRM system by the industry Professionals.

The best real estate professionals use CRM in their daily work.

This is confirmed by statistical data from numerous Salesforce reports. You may wonder why. The best Realtors are the best because they use CRM, or maybe the best Realtors are the best because of some other reason, and it just happened they use CRM? Let’s check!

A good tool should be flexible and versitile. This means that we have a great deal of freedom in adapting it to our unique needs and expectations. Having a good database is the foundation, and you already know, that if your database is poor quality, even the best tool won’t help. It’s more about what we can do with this database, how to use the collected data, and make sense of it.

First of all, a good CRM system should be intuitive. Today nobody has time to learn how to use the system, because everyone has their own deadlines and very specific tasks to be performed. Another element is the ease of customizing the tools so that they correspond to the real needs of the user as much as possible. Such a tool should also automate everything that can be automated so that it helps the user in time-consuming, repetitive tasks, that often takes a lot of time which could be spent on what actually is the core activity of the business.

So why is CRM so well suited to the needs of Real Estate Agents?

Real Estate Professionals deal with a lot of information.

Agents are forced to use various sources of information to attract potential customers, such as social media, websites, advertising, e-mails, etc. Although most of the customers come from referrals, or they were your clients in the past, and now want do do business again, it’s impossible to completely resign from active search. Collecting data from a variety of sources means more information needs to be processed, and this is where CRM comes in.

Realtors are always on the go.

Always on the move, from one meeting to another, always in a hurry – this is a typical Real Estate Agent day. Fortunately, because of the technology it doesn’t have to be like this anymore. Salesforce’s CRM solutions are based on cloud technology that gives you access to all the necessary data from almost any device and anywhere – as long as you have access to the Web.

Customers expect an immediate response.

According to the Salesforce report,

as many as 88% of customers expect an answer to their question within an hour“.

Fortunately, today’s technology allows it. Thanks to automation, we can design our CRM in such a way that when you are busy, an automatic reply is sent, which will notify the client about it. Moreover, the reply sent can be personalized, and that will make a good impression for sure.

Keeping in touch with former clients.

Taking care of your former clients is time and effort consuming task. This is especially true for former clients who, even in the distant future, may wish to use our services again. Salesforce statistics show that:

88% of all transactions come from recommended and repeatable transactions“.

This means that keeping in touch with former clients pays off and constitutes the majority of the total number of transactions carried out. Combined with the information that

74% of customers are willing to give their credentials to a Real Estate Agent who stayed in touch after the sale was completed“,

the role of the CRM system becomes even more important. What if we say that thanks to CRM from Salesforce, you can automate this process? As early as the next day after completing the transaction, an automatic message with any content that will give a positive post-shopping experience can be sent. Not to mention all occasions such as birthdays, holidays – we can also send messages automatically.

Real Estate Professionals also need to know what works and what doesn’t.

It is very valuable to have access to reports about your activities and information about which of the taken actions are producing the best results or which are not working at all. Why waste time on activities that do not bring results? Why keep repeating something that doesn’t work? Having such knowledge, we can adapt our activities to current needs immediately. Imagine a situation in which we find out that the activities carried out in the last quarter did not bring the expected results. What if we knew that a given way of working does not bring results after a week? This would save us time, money and unnecessary stress related to not achieving our goals.

Which CRM system to choose? The answer is clear: the best! What CRM is the best? The one trusted by over 150 thousand companies from all over the World. The best is the one that is constantly evolving. The best, meaning the one that cares about its customers. The best – means Salesforce!

As an official Salesfore partner, we will be happy to design, implement and train your employees to use your CRM system. Contact us today and grow with Salesforce!

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