CRM for manufacture?

Sales as we know it in shops is different than sales in B2B ( Business to Business ) and both of those are just distance relatives of sales manufacturers are used to. CRM is present in B2B and is taking over B2C with use of e-commerce, so maybe it is time to ask if there is CRM for manufacturers? Unique features of deals and background of such companies has made it difficult to use regular CRM’s that are many on the market. Let’s try to define requirements such system needs to meet and then try to decide if there is solution out there.

Manufacture business owners or manufacturers look at sales from other perspective. What they see is demand and future demand. Base on that they plan production ( the most important part ) and supply. One time deals are something like additional bonus but not a backbone of their companies. So the best deal would be something like: We will buy from you for next 5 years 20 products of category b every other month for this price. This allow them to forecast how much they need to produce, order supply storage ect. So CRM for manufacturers should allow to forecast and even better forecast demand for a product.

With that said we can smoothly get to other required feature of such system. Since we said that the best contracts or agreements for production businesses are long lasting not paid once delivered partially in specified periods, then our system should allow to keep such information. So clean view on status of up coming orders.

To not make this article too long we will not mention hundreds of other cases related to this world of sales and there are few more! Still can we find system that does at least that and in addition more and helps salespeople sell faster? 

YES! We gladly inform that the best CRM system in the world Salesforce has also specially design part for Manufacturers that can start working right a way from first day of organization start! What is more, as some of You might not know! If there is something missing, We ( ME PL ) can make it for You, cause Salesforce is super easy to develop additional functionality.

As Salesforce partner who had already some contact with Manufacture cloud, we keep our doors open for any industry interested in getting to know better features and abilities of Salesforce solution. 

All You have to do is let Us know!

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