Salesforce CRM for Real Estate Professionals

ME PL Solution Salesforce CRM for Real Estate Professionals

At ME PL Solution, we meet the expectations of our Clients. This prompted us to create a package that Real Estate Professionals can use to facilitate their daily struggles. The package was created on the basis of the Salesforce Essentials license and has the CRM functionalities necessary for the work of a Real Estate Agents.

The “package” of solutions for Real Estate Agents was created in consultation with the interested parties themselves. It includes functionalities that can be successfully used in everyday work.

The functionalities in question include:

  1. Map. The map that appears in the Sales app on the Home page includes features such as:
  • filtering records by values from selected records, for example: All contacts from a given city that deal with a given field of industry and we have classified them as potentially promising customers.
  • the ability to mark areas on the map with a circle or several designated points on the map in order to find contacts or companies.
  • the map also offers routing to a maximum of 8 addresses. The path shown is the most efficient between the points.
ME PL Solution Salesforce CRM for Real Estate Professionals

Below the map, our scheduled meetings are displayed (Events) and under them we can search for contacts in order to send an email, check the status and information we have collected about a given person. Of course, other objects can be displayed in these places, depending on the individual needs of the client.

  1. Today’s Events. Where scheduled meetings for today are displayed.
  2. Assistant. The function reminds you of activities and suggests next actions.
  3. Account. Where individual records store information about the company we work with.
  4. List View. With this function, you are able to sort the displayed data.

The package was created using Salesforce Essentials, which we write more about here. You can read more about the benefits for Real Estate Agents resulting from the implementation of the CRM system here.

The price of implementing the package depends on your requirements. Salesforce Essentials license starts at $ 25 per month.

We also encourage you to read the short video in which we present the described functions in action.

Use the latest technologies from the largest CRM Service Provider in the world to increase the efficiency of your daily work.

As an official Salesforce partner, we design, implement, advise and train employees in the use of dedicated CRM systems based on the latest Salesforce technology. A few minutes of conversation may allow you to avoid problems in the future. Contact us today, and save yourself time, money and stress.

Grow with Salesforce!

ME PL Solution Team

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