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We’re delighted to announce that we’ve just released a new video that covers some of the core features of our Sales Professional pack!

Working with CRM from Salesforce is very intuitive. The best developers ensure that working in your own dedicated system is easy and does not require a lot of study. In just a few clicks you can find out everything you need. What’s more, you don’t need to be in the office with your computer – all you need is a smartphone or tablet! Is very easy to forget something chasing from one meeting to another. Save yourself the stress of not having all the necessary information, and carry them with you all the time on your smartphone!

Stay up to date with the tasks you have planned for today! Stay on top of your goals and have instant access to reports that tell you how you’re doing in real time! Remember about all the important details that may ultimately affect the signing of the contract, or its loss! Easily communicate with the rest of the Team and exchange important information! Schedule meetings, add them to the calendar, put them on the map, set priorities or optimal fuel consumption – in a word – help yourself organize your work in the most optimal way!

Salesforce is much, much more. The package we have prepared is designed to facilitate access to the most advanced technologies without having to use a standard Salesforce license. Contact us today and find out what you will gain and for how much.

Grow with Salesforce!

ME PL Solution Team

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