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In today’s post, we will refer to frequently emerging questions and comments from our customers, namely – what is the difference between CRM and ERP systems?

We have already written about what CRM is. As a reminder – in a nutshell, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is software for managing all interactions with the customer taking place in the company. CRM mainly supports sales and marketing departments.

CRM supports sellers – it was created for that very purpose. At the beginning it was called Sales Force Automation. All interactions in the company go through the system. Thanks to this, we can, for example, trace the history of contact with the customer, check the history of his purchases, etc. Thanks to the centralization of information about customer relationships, you can use various analytical tools that will suggest which relationship can potentially bring the most benefits to your company. With the information collected by the CRM system, you can make more informed and better decisions. The main beneficent is sales and marketing departments. Better understanding of the customer will allow you to build more personalized marketing campaigns, which turns into bigger sales.

ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning), was created – as the name suggests, for the management of enterprise resources. ERP allows you to better understand and manage resources at the your company. ERP also works well with regard to finance, invoicing and payments. Therefore, it can be said that ERP was created mainly to manage the company’s resources, production and finances.

A picture is worth more than 1000 words, so here we go:

What to choose? Both! Here is why!

The integration of both systems creates a better picture of the company’s operations. CRM provides information about customers, thanks to which we can plan better, more personalized marketing campaigns. ERP will tell us when to order the necessary materials to be able to continue the production.

We realize that the topic of differences and descriptions of both systems has not been exhausted. This article aims to describe, in a very general way, the differences between CRM and ERP. We will continue the “series” in the next posts.

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