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We already wrote about what CRM is almost a year ago on the pages of this blog. It is a known topic, but when it comes to defining what CRM actually is, what it is for, and what kind of application it has, it turns out that it is difficult for us to explain. Hence this post.

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a tool used to support strong customer relationships, which translate into loyalty to our company. CRM makes your employees more productive and at the same time they are able to do their job better. Thanks to CRM, we will build and maintain good relations with clients. Importantly, we can use it to acquire new, and retain our existing customers.

It has been known for a long time that sales is not only activities performed during the process itself. The sales process consists of a whole lot of activities. Getting to know your customers better allows you to build better sales strategies. In turn, the way a customer is treated after their purchase contributes to their return – and further purchases or not. Whether the customer will be satisfied with the whole relationship you manage to build also affects what he tells his family and friends about your company. The conviction that “keeping” customer service departments is an unpleasant necessity i changing. Today, companies realize that it is customer service departments that are on the front line when something goes wrong and it is their role to convince the customer that he or she decided well getting into relationship with us, and should stay – or even buy more.

We have already written about how CRM supports the customer service department. CRM is also a great tool for salespeople and marketers. All data from the customer relationship is stored in the cloud. This means that we have easy and safe access to them from almost any device and place – as long as we have access to the Internet. Let’s take a look for an example, a sales representative who is in constant motion. By meeting the current and potential recipients of products or services, the representative can record the course of each meeting. It is known that after several visits throughout the day, memory may fail and, for example, may not notice an important detail from a conversation with one of the potential customers that could contribute to sales in the near future.

Marketing departments can also benefit from the information gathered in the CRM system. Creating personalized marketing campaigns – which are now considered the future of marketing in general – requires having the right data. Companies collect data that they do not use in any way later. This is a mistake, because we live in the information age and it is this information that is currently the most valuable. Coming back to the topic – customer service departments thanks to CRM can create and automate personalized advertising campaigns. What does it mean to automate? Nothing else but to define the parameters that trigger the desired actions, e.g. automatic sending of information about promotions related to products that the customer has already bought from us.

The company’s success in today’s business world no longer depends only on whether we are able to provide a good product or service. Let’s face it – products or services among companies are of similar quality. Companies that are unable to keep their promises by selling poor quality products or services, have a little bit more work to be done to catch up with the market. I would risk to say that they don’t really count on the market. Those that compete at the highest level must look for an advantage in other areas. Customer service, marketing and sales departments are the company’s calling card. They are the first lines in contact with the client and it is them who determine the result of this relationship. Give your employees the right tools and teach them how to use them. The investment will quickly pay off in the form of loyal customers who will stay with you. What’s more, they can tell their relatives and friends about you – and even if they don’t, they won’t say anything bad, what sometimes is even more. Apparently, as human begins, we tend to talk about what bad happened to us more than about the good things.

As an official Salesforce partner, we will be happy to design, implement and train your employees to use your own CRM system at your company.

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