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Business should be measured in every possible way. Your past actions must be measurable so that you can make good decisions in the future. Lack of knowledge what works and what needs improvement can lead to big losses. You will lose time and money, and all of that because of the misconception that something is right only because you have been doing it for years.

To know which actions are good and what needs improvement, you must first be able to measure it. Salesforce CRM gives you a set of tools that you can use to get the information you need. For example, you can measure the cost of acquiring a new customer. By the way, do you know the cost of customer in your company?

If you take into account the statistics from the Salesforce report, only 43% of companies know the cost of acquiring a new customer. It is not much, considering the whole range of possibilities you have nowadays.

Without knowing how much does the acquisition of a new client cost it it hard to plan anything. For example: how would you plan a new marketing campaign or how would you know how efficient your sales team is? With this knowledge you would not waste time and money on the activities that don’t work. Instead, you would focus on what works!

Salesforce gives you a set of tools to measure almost all processes in your company. With the knowledge from your CRM, you will be able to understand your business better and make more accurate decisions now, to build better future.

As an official Salesforce Partner, we would be more that happy to show you how you can benefit from using the latest technology from the biggest CRM provider in the World.

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