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We wrote about the customer’s purchasing experience in another post.

This time we will refer to the words of people dealing with broadly understood services, the quality which affects the overall shopping experience.

85% of execs with service oversight believe customer experience is a key competitive differentiator

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The above words should not surprise anyone. We live in the “Era of the Consumer” and it is the customer who dictates the terms. Probably you will not see any mayor differences in the quality of products or services between brands at the highest world level. What distinguishes one company from another may be the quality of the services provided, which affects the overall customer experience.

The role of Customer Service Department has changed. Nowadays, Customer Service Departments are no longer just an unpleasant necessity a company has to have, and often decide whether the dissatisfied customer will stay with us or will go to the competition. Companies that place great emphasis on customer satisfaction can count on customer loyalty. In addition, a loyal customer tells his family and friends about their experiences, who then become potential customers.

Bad opinion works in the opposite way. It deters potential customers who may have heard from their friends or family members that the company cannot be trusted, and can even advise against any interaction with the company.

In the words of people in managerial positions in Customer Service Departments, the quality of customer experience with the company becomes the main factor of success.

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