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84% of customers say that the experiences companies provide are just as important as their products and services

Let us start with a bit of theory. Customer experience is an interaction of a customer with your company over the time of your relationship. Sounds more complicated than it actually is.

We can say that customer experience is how your customer feel about your company.

As an entrepreneur, you know best how much depends on whether the experience is positive or negative. It results whether the customer is coming back or if he of she will recommend your products or services to friends and family. It all depends on the impression you make.

Every step your customer makes on the road of buying process is equally important. How your customers learn about you? What was the service quality during first encounter? Whether he or she can count on your support in case of questions and doubts? It even goes beyond the purchasing process itself, because how your customer will be treated by customer service in the case of any problem is also of great importance.

This is confirmed by the customers themselves. In a report prepared for Salesforce, 84% of respondents said that shopping experience is just as important as the product or service itself.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are built for this purpose. CRM allows you to unify your approach to all your customers. It also ensures that each customer is served with equal care. With the help of CRM you can learn more about your current and potential customers. It gives you a whole range of tools that – when used properly, will help you create a better image of your company and at the end – achieve your goals.

As an official Salesforce partner, we are happy to advise you on how to harness the power of the most technologically advanced tool you can use!

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Grow with Salesforce!

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