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In today’s post, we will deal with the topic of Customer Service.

“The Customer is King!” – as the famous saying goes. But what exactly do we mean by saying these words?

The needs and requirements of our customers are constantly changing. The development and availability of technology, changing customer expectations, changing purchasing habits of products or services, fear of losing sensitive data, lack of trust – You name it!

Companies faced the problem not so much of delivering valuable products or services as of how the client-company interaction takes place. The Customer Service Departments have, in some way, transformed into the Sales and Marketing Department. Nowadays, the Customer Service Department is extremely important – everyone who tried to contact one of them knows about it. Often, it is the Customer Service Departments that determine whether the client will stay with us or leave for the competition. For this reason, the perception of the Customer Service Department has changed from an unpleasant necessity into an important element of business operations. For this reason, companies should care about raising the qualifications of Customer Service Departments, which today can determine the success or failure of companies.

Today’s customers expect that the company will be available to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fortunately, the development of technology makes it possible. Clients want to be able to state their problems regardless of the day and time. Of course, we realize that this is not always possible – when dealing with complex problems, it may be necessary to contact the right person or visit the ward. With the help of technology, however, it is possible to solve most problems over the phone or the Internet.

Another of the important element for customers in dealing with companies is that the company has appropriate information that will help in solving the problem. If a customer, when calling or writing to the company, is forced to identify himself and repeat the problem with which he is calling with many times, it may be negatively felt and discouraged from further contact. Knowing the individual customer is therefore very important. The client should feel that he is known to the person he is contacting, and the problem he reports is known and can go directly to the problem with which he contacts the company.

Customers like to feel that they are treated individually. This is related to the above paragraph and is crucial in building good and lasting relationships with the client. An individual approach is the key word of today’s times. If a customer, when contacting the company, feels that their case is treated like any other, they may get discouraged and look for a solution to the problem elsewhere – or even move to the competition that will treat them as expected.

When contacting the company, customers assume that their interlocutor will be a competent person with appropriate information that will ultimately solve a problem. The centralization of customer information is very important and determines the success of this point. If a customer is sent person-to-person when calling the company, he may feel frustrated – almost every adult has experienced it when dealing with various matters.

The competence of employees who are ultimately to help the client is a completely separate – albeit no less important topic. When a Customer Service employee does not have the appropriate knowledge or information, it can affect the image of the company. Each of the employed people is, in a sense, a brand ambassador. Therefore, it is extremely important to constantly improve the qualifications of employees. This point cannot be emphasized enough.

Customers have different needs and expectations, as is the preferred method of contact. Sometimes someone prefers to write, some people prefer telephone contact – others prefer personal meeting. Depending on the product or service and the specificity of the business, companies should take into account different preferences of their customers. Having only a hotline can therefore meet the resistance of the client who prefers to chat or face-to-face meetings.

CRM serve this very purpose! With CRM from Salesforce, you can centralize all the information you need in one place! Data stored in the cloud will be safe and available from almost any device and any place! Thanks to CRM from Salesforce, each client feels that he is treated individually, and the person with whom he is talking knows him and knows how to help him! The image of the company that the Marketing, Sales and Customer Service Departments are fighting for will be much better! Just think of it – consistent information in each department will allow you to plan more effective advertising materials, improve and increase sales – and when the customer contacts the Customer Service Department when something goes wrong, the employee will know exactly what the customer has bought and what to expect! Integration and consistency of the data held by various departments in the company is a guarantee of success in building good relationships with customers. And as we already know – positive relationships are the key to success!

As an official Salesforce partner, we will be happy to advise you on how to achieve it! We design, implement and train your employees to use a dedicated CRM system in your company! What’s more, with Salesforce you can be sure that your CRM system was created based on the most advanced technology available on the market – and we will tailor it to your needs!

Grow with Salesforce!

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