Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

CRM is how a company interacts with current and potential customers.

CRM is a strategy you- as an Entrepreneur, takes to manage your business relations. The main goal of implementing CRM Strategy is to improve business relationship.


There are numerous fields where implementing CRM strategy will pay off.

From improvement of sales management which leads to bigger profits, increased productivity and improved sales metrics, to increase customer satisfaction and retention. You can track marketing processes in your company and make the most of all means invested in your marketing.

The whole system centralizes processes in your company to give you a better view of the battlefield- you can imagine yourself as a Napoleon standing on the hill and leading a battle. You know exactly where and who needs what. You know where you should send the strongest unit, and where your allies stand to help you. You see how some of your decisions affect the course of the battle.

Integration of the channels such as company’s website, telephone, email, live chat, marketing materials or even social media, you can learn more about your customers and how you can take the best care of their needs.

As an entrepreneur, you know the best how important is to know your clients. You would probably pay a lot to get access to their minds and set all of the processes in your company accordingly. Probably nobody has this superpower, but you can adopt the most powerful system on the planet to use a little bit of that magic.

Salesforce is complete CRM system and it can do even more!

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