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We are starting a new week. The end of the year is getting closer with each passing day. There will be reports, conclusions and plans for the new year. Does your company measure the level of customer satisfaction?

According to the latest data from the Salesforce report: State of Services, 3rd edition, most companies operating in the services industry measure customer satisfaction.

80% of service companies measure the level of customer satisfaction

Source: State of Service (3rd edition), Salesforce

To measure the level of customer satisfaction, companies most often use standard measurement methods, such as: CSAT, NPS.

On the one hand, the number of companies that have realized that winning the market is largely dependent on customer satisfaction is very high, on the other hand, alerting is the fact that there are companies on the market that do nothing about it. As many as one in five companies do not measure customer satisfaction. How to plan future actions without knowing what effect the actions taken in the past have had?

A company without a plan for the next year is not able to develop properly. This is why all these complicated-sounding names and mathematical models are used for.

The indicator of customer satisfaction is one of the basic method companies should follow when planning their activities. A satisfied customer will stay. Moreover, a satisfied customer is a potential buyer of new products or services. A satisfied customer is also the best advertisement.

The new year is coming. Maybe it is worth to consider what to measure for the future?

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