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In today’s post, we will refer to “sales in the times of pandemic” once again. This time, however, we will write about the Customer Service Department, which has grown in importance recently.

The Customer Service Department is the front line when “something goes wrong”. It is up to the employees of Customer Service Departments whether the customer, despite his dissatisfaction, stays with the company or goes to the competition. Much depends on the company’s policy. Very often, despite their best intentions, the hands employees of the customer service department are tied due the company’s policy. The company’s authorities should remember that it is Customer Service Departments that build a positive – or bad – impression. It is good to know that most of the decision makers know about it.

82% of decision makers say their company’s customer service must transform in order to stay competitive

Source: Sate of Service (3rd edition), Salesforce

The technological revolution that has been named the 4th industrial revolution is gaining momentum. In order to keep up with the rapidly changing market, companies should make effort to understand the needs of their clients and adapt to them.

As the numbers show, the people responsible for the company are aware of the need for changes. But knowledge alone is not enough – knowledge must be followed by action. Change is inevitable and instead of fighting it, it is better to submit and adapt to it – it should not rise any voices of objection because it brings benefits to all.

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