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As earlier, we will refer to the information published on the Salesforce website today.

88% of customers expect companies to accelerate digital initiatives”


In a survey from August 2020, which covered individual and business customers, both groups admitted that the situation related to the spread of the COVID-19 virus has changed their attitude towards technology. The survey shows that nearly 9/10 respondents expect the digitization process in companies to accelerate. It is worth mentioning that only 2% of the respondents believe that “there was no need for businesses to improve their technology“.

The customer is king – as the well-known saying says.

Many companies that had so far resisted the implementation of new technologies had no choice but to succumb. In the current conditions, companies are not able to function without at least a website – what new technology are we talking about ?! Unfortunately it is so. There are companies that do not have this absolute minimum nowadays.

Of course, we are not talking about new solutions in the field of IT systems that facilitate sales or communication with the customer – such as a CRM system, or a videoconference platform, or others with the help of which you can organize an environment for remote work. We are talking about the website!

Not catching up with the times is not so much not to develop, but to doom. Most companies are well aware of it. Fortunately, many companies have finally woken up and, thanks to new technologies, discovered new ways of doing old things in a new way, but this time better, optimally, faster, more precisely. Better.

Join the group of companies that, thanks to new technologies, thrive despite the global pandemic situation. Discover your company again!

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