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Another post for the “sales in the times of pandemic” series.

We realize that we may be touching upon similar topics from post to post, and we will keep doing that, because digitization changed the way we do business in today’s World.

In almost every post here, we rely on data from our partner – Salesforce, who has much more resources they regularly spend on exploring the market, thus providing useful information to everyone.

The digital revolution is a fact. We read in the report:

Sixty-six percent of service professionals say their organization is seeing increased case volume through digital channels

Source: State of Service, III edition, Salesforce

Most Customer Service Professionals are seeing an increase in inquiries through digital channels. What if a customer is looking to contact your company online and is unable to do so?

There are many digital channels of communication with clients. To name a few: e-mail, your website, Facebook, etc. Do your customers contact you through different channels? Do you have easy and safe access to all in one place?

A dedicated software or a CRM system can help! A good CRM allows the integration of various communication channels with clients. Good CRM can do much more! See for yourself!

As an official Salesforce partner, we will be happy to advise you on how to use the most technologically advanced CRM system in the World!

Grow with Salesforce!

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