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In today’s post, we will deal with the decision-making process in companies. Good decisions are those based on data. With Salesforce CRM, you will improve the decision-making process at your company.

Companies all over the world collect huge amounts of data. Just having the data is not enough. Collecting data without using it is like sowing without harvesting the crop. Many companies collect data that they do not use later. Why?

Using data requires having the right tools

The data we collect can be very different. The compilation of some of them requires specialist knowledge and appropriate tools. Until now, most of the data was collected in spreadsheet tables. While tools like Excel offer many possibilities for working with data, it is difficult to navigate and compile data – especially when spread across multiple tabs or files.

The way the data is presented in the table is another thing. The human eye is not adapted to reading data in tables. Often the very thought of working with data in a table makes us tired. Therefore, the developers of the software, realizing this, decided to create tools that are much easier to work with. The better tools we use, the less fatigue, and more effectiveness – no one needs to be convinced.

The way the data is presented is of great importance

There is a whole lot of software on the market that allows you to work with data easier and more efficiently. The flagship example is Tableau. Thanks to Tableau, we will not only display the data in a more accessible way, it also allows us to create various types of summaries that we would probably not have come up with ourselves. Additionally, it does not require advanced knowledge in the field of statistics.

How does this relate to decision making?

In this way, we are heading to the main topic of this post. We make the best decisions by having and processing the data. We wrote about data collection above. This is not enough. We should collect the data to use them. Drawing conclusions. Planning the next moves.

IT systems have become an indispensable tool in the work of most companies. It is difficult to find out how successful a marketing campaign was without collecting data. Data collection alone does not give a full picture of the effectiveness of the actions taken. Only by processing data and drawing conclusions from it, we can say that we use the collected data effectively.

We’ve given an example of a marketing campaign, but data-driven decision-making applies to all departments in the company. Knowing how effective a new script is in your customer service department, or how successful your salespeople have been using specific phrases or strategies, we are able to improve them. Collected data allows you to plan better actions. Moreover, they are based on data that is difficult to argue with.

The question is:

Do you process the collected data?

If the answer to that question is “no”, ask yourself another one:

What do I need to make better use of the collected data?

The answer to this question are various types of IT systems, such as Salesforce CRM or Tableau.

The great advantage of IT systems for processing databases is that they allow for the compilation of data from various fields. Thanks to them, we can, for example, determine which months are the best for selling your products or services. We can also build more complex analyzes and reports that compare, for example, the activities of marketing and sales departments. In more advanced tools, we can even count on the help of AI, which will “suggest” what we should pay attention to.

Data-driven decision-making brings much better results. Otherwise, we act in the dark – without really knowing, by guessing. Replace guesswork with data that is more likely to help you succeed.

As an official Salesforce partner, we design, implement, advise and train employees in the use of dedicated CRM systems based on the latest Salesforce technology.

Grow with Salesforce!

ME PL Solution Team

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